Rudolph was married once, but she left him for another guy. Unfortunately for Rudolf, the new guy was a lawyer. She kept the house and the car, but not his son Rudy. With no place else to go, he and his son were forced to move into an apartment with his crotchety old father. Since then he’s had to fight an uphill battle to have a normal life…with unsurprisingly poor results.


He is Rudolph’s son. He also has the IQ of a lima bean… As a result , he won’t hesitate to cut off his own arm with a chainsaw if he thinks it’s a great idea.

However, there are times his shriveled brain suffers from some kind of short circuit, which has the odd result of making him seem almost witty, if only for a millisecond.


Rudolph’s father is lazy, nasty, rude, and lecherous…as only a dirty old man can be. And he always uses his age as a weapon to get anything he wants.

He is convinced that everything was better when he was young, and he never hesitates to remind his grandson of that fact whenever he can.