Mike Bonales started drawing consciously at the tender age of six years. Since then, having taken up the pencil, he has made it his inseparable companion. He started posting his earliest works as a teenager, getting little benefit except “great artistic satisfaction.” After graduating from high school he began to stagger through life, spending a four year “sabbatical” in the study of computer science, while doing some freelance illustration. Life‘s circumstances lead him to work as a web designer, and to eventually publish a strip called South Pole. Thanks to this experience, Mike jumped into the world of comics, and has published his works in various media.

Finding a great deal of satisfaction in web-comics, he set his sights on publishing a new strip called Frustrated Rabbit…

If you like the style of Mike Bonales and want to make an order, you can contact him via this email address: hello (at) frustratedrabbit (dot) com.

If you want to see more of his works, you can visit him at